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Standard Funeral Prices

The inclusive price of our services below includes coffin, hearse, one Limousine, arrangements as instructed, use of our facilities & Chapel of Rest, coffin attendants & supervision, all necessary telephone calls & statutory & non statutory forms. We do not charge for local recovery or for our viewing and chapel facilities. We also include services for the handling of donations to the family choice of charities with no charge.

FEES and DISBURSEMENTS are extra to the above.

Cremation at Barham, Charing & Thanet.

Burial at Herne Bay, Whitstable & Canterbury or local Churchyard.

Our professional fees;   £995.00
Hearse    £345.00
First limousine    £125.00
With our BAY elm foil standard cremation coffin.   £325.00

Additional Service Charges

Extra limousines from £195.00
Wooden & metal Cremated remains caskets from £40.00
Interment of cremated remains including a casket   £657.50
Basic Service Sheets (We do not charge for the first 20 sheets)   50p a copy

Disbursements Guide

Cremation Fees (Barham & Charing)   £945.00
Cremation Fees (Thanet)   £861.75
Medway Crematorium    £700.00
Crematorium Organist (All)   £50.00
Cremation Medical Papers   £164.00
Canterbury, Herne Bay & Whitstable Cemeteries   £1,721.00
Ministers Fee from £195.00

*A full brochure of coffins and options are available

Examples of Costs

Cremation at Thanet Crematorium

Our Professional Fees   £995.00
Hearse    £345.00
Limousine   £125.00
Standard Coffin   £325.00
Our Charges   £1,790.00
Cremation Fee   £861.75
Medical papers   £164.00
Minister’s Fee   £195.00
Total    £3,010.75

Cremation at Barham Crematorium

Our Professional Fees   £995.00
Hearse   £345.00
Limousine    £125.00
Standard Coffin   £325.00
Our Charges   £1,790.00
Cremation Fee   £945.00
Medical papers   £164.00
Minister’s Fee   £195.00
Total   £3,094.00

Burial at Herne Bay, Whitstable or Canterbury.

Our Professional Fees   £995.00
Hearse   £345.00
Limousine   £125.00
Burial Coffin   £345.00
Our Charges   £1,810.00
Cemetery Fee*    £1,721.00
Minister’s Fee   £195.00
Total   £3,726.00

*Double depth, Maintenance Fees, Exclusive Rights of Burial & Use of Cemetery Chapel

Direct Cremation Prices

A simple service that suits the needs of some families looking for the focus of the celebration of a life not to be centered around the place or point of cremation.

Direct Cremation is not a simple service, it is a service that has no contact on the day with the family, allowing their focus to be elsewhere, with a memorial or celebration service.

Some crematorium offer this option with no use of a chapel and no staffing to attend to mourners as funerals attended by friends or family do not suit this type of service.

Prices start from £1400.00 all inclusive

Pre-payment Funeral Plans

We also cater for those who would like to make financial provisions for arranging funerals in advance.  The advantage would be that you would be able to ease a probable financial burden on your family when the time comes. We can tailor the funeral requirements to your specific needs including the choice of crematoriums, mode of service as well as making choices as to music.

Please don’t hesitate to give us a call should you require more information.

Our pre-payment plans start at £3,050.00 for a simple cremation service.